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Thread: Any tips?

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    Any tips?

    Any tips to finish the fire fighter achievement faster? (Max11 and i don't care about trophies)

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    If you're trying for that one intently, drop to around gold and attack bad TH10s and TH11s that placed infernos.

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    I guess you could sit around champs and just lavaloon or bowitch it up until you finish it. I've been using bowlers for months in champs-titans because no use for DE and finally finished the EA achievement too. I don't think I would go as far down as gold/crystal league because you may not match up with as many bases that have two infernos.
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    As a th11, drop to masters & lower. Snipe exposed infernos with AQ, and attack dead bases.

    I recommend mass miners since it trains nearly as quickly as barch.
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    Drop to crystal to gold league and take down as much infernos as you can.

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