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Thread: Another Terrible Matchup

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    Quote Originally Posted by TankSinatra View Post
    Clan tag OP? We can't say much without it.

    And I invite everybody to ask for clan tag, always and everywhere there's a matchup complaint. Its just not worth engaging at all without the clan tag.
    Understood and will do in the the future. I agree that it will provide the complete picture but that number of TH10's is very telling.

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    I think this is why your getting engineers.

    You have a TH10 that has not added all defenses.
    You have a TH10 below a TH9.
    That TH8 is probably not good include with TH11s in the war. Nothing lower than a 9 and add all defenses. Just keep them low. You're trying to gain an advantage by doing these things and it backfired.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galluccio View Post

    7) TH 10 A newer TH 10 without infernos.
    8) TH 9 (Not Engineered)
    9) TH 10 Heroes are Level 6 and level 3. The whole second row of troops are level 1s.
    10) TH 8... Medium defense.

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