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    Lightbulb Might be a new card for Clash Royale

    I have a good idea that might be a new card for Clash Royale,

    Basically this idea is the same as Barbarian Barrel, only this card only gives damage to air forces.Of course you are free to change and modify it to fit Clash Royale game (if accepted)

    "Goblin Boomerang", But if Supercell has a better name, please replace it.It does not have to be a Boomerang form as well, it is clear this card only gives damage to the air forces, and after that it will issue 2 goblins.If changed it can damage ground troops also, maybe the amount of elixir needed willgo up too (maybe 4 or 5 elixir) Supercell is free to change this idea, but I hope the troops that come out remain goblin

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