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Thread: Double attacks for TF's <25 members

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    Double attacks for TF's <25 members

    TF's of <25 members can't compete at higher levels due to only one attack per member. Allow members of smaller task forces to attack twice to be more competitive.

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    Higher levels? Aren't they competing with their own task force size, though?

    Probably won't be added, because according to the dev team: All of the balance for operations was created with one attack in mind. We discussed the possibility of two attacks quite a lot, but decided against it because we thought it would potentially burn people out if their TF was doing an operation every 24 hours. The high level TFs are super serious about their operations and attacking can be quite stressful, so we felt like doubling that could be too much.

    Also, Boom Beach related things go here: but I think a mod will move the thread.
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    To add to the excellant points Meowfestio alrady noted ....

    Let us say that all TFs had 50 attacks for ops: 2 attacks per member for size 25, 5 per member within a 10, and 10 attacks per member for 5 person TF. Since currently both operations rewards and intel cost are scaled, then they would have to be also equalized. It simply would not be fair for a 50 person TF doing the same operations as a 25 person TF (also having 50 attacks) pay more intel and receiving less rewards.

    If intel cost and rewards were then equalized, all you end up with is all TFs in fact really being size 50. If not also equalized, only 5 person TFs would survive since why expand to 50 when you would be able to do the same ops as them, but at a much lower cost gaining more rewards?

    Everything is scaled to size (intel cost, # total attacks, rewards, intel cap). You cannot change one without regards to the others.
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