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Thread: 2 derby players looking for new home

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    2 derby players looking for new home

    My wife (lvl 104) and I (level 85) are looking for a new neighbourhood. Preferably Australian time zone.

    We are big derby players, complete all tasks every week, 320+ is no problem if those rules apply.

    Very active, always helping NH members.

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    Hi Mazali, u r more than welcome to come join us. I’m going to send u a pm with more info, but u can click the red link under my signature to see our ad.
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    Sending u a message 😊

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    brand new neighborhood level 20 plus
    boulderdash is name of neighborhood.
    We are rookie league.
    Right now derby requires 5 task.
    Only rules are be helpful and respectful.
    Always complete 5 tasks or opt out if busy that week.

    New neighborhood so you will come in on ground floor.
    English speaking and anyone can join as long As level 20 or higher.
    We are USA neighborhood but everyone welcome.

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    Hi, I'm Jannie, leader at KEEPING IT REAL #
    8YLJCQCY, red horse yellow shield.

    We are looking for players who enjoy participating in the derby, are helpful, friendly, like to trade, can do 9 tasks of 315+ 10th is optional. Most of our hood play 320 and 10. We are an international hood with several Australian and New Zealand players.

    Send me a pm with your farm name and tag # if interested. You can check out our recruiting ad in the Recruiting section of this forum “A Kumbaya Feel @ Keeping it Real”

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    We are a well established, global nh, with 3 Australian players/27. There are players on nearly 24/7.

    Our derby is always optional but if opted in: 9@300, 2700 pt minimum, no diamonds required.

    We have a lengthy recruitment ad/guidebook, designed to explain our strategies, style, and expectations in somewhat excruitiating detail. If you like details, it shouldn't be too painful. We find it helps to be as clear as possible when trying to find well-matched players. If you read through and want to try our nh out, you would be warmly welcomed.

    Best wishes in your nh search.

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    I have send you a private message.
    Hope to hear from you
    Hugs, Yvonne

    Tag: #2LCV92UO

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    We are a small hood looking to expand. We're in the champion league. 77 gold cups. Derby 320x10, 400x10

    PM if you think you'd be interested.

    Please click link below for our rules and NH info:

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    A high profile Hay Day hood looking for 2-3
    active Derby Players. Currently 4 Opted In
    Hood Name: Coke Studio
    Join Level: 100
    Current Status: 61G, 16S, 0B
    CL LB: 682 (dropped 130+ spaces)

    - 320/400 X 10
    - Support Yourself, but you will be supported if needed
    - English speaker, preferably native English speaker
    - Triumph by Thursday, Win by Friday Policy

    Message me for more details.
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