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Thread: Looking for a serious task force

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    Looking for a serious task force

    Looking for a serious task force that has daily ops and everyone collects 100+ Intel. Also looking to help Co-Lead a task force.

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    We're probably around 60-70. Daily ops. 10 man. Look up STFB.

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    You are welcome to join Massive Mayhem.Some guys get 100 + Intel.I usually get about 200 . Co Leader would have to be earned over time.We run Curtain Call or Dead End daily. #9JYGYCC is the tag number.Come on over.
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    Mac Juice #2GGQY2VJ needs some new blood.
    We are a 25 person TF that does ops almost daily. Our members vary in size. We regularly do Foxtrot and beat it in 12 attacks or so. We want to do higher ones so we are looking for a few active members to join us. Our task force has been around for well over 3 years. Come join our funny, fun bunch.

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    Great tf, currently the 527th best 25 tf on planet Earth!


    Byte me, eh?! #8PJ2VJP0

    *Daily ops!*

    25 tf with a couple openings, 500 vp entry, currently de.

    More info on your new teammates here:!-8PJ2VJP0
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    Still searching for a group.

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    Search no further
    boats and hoes

    We are active and recruiting. Ill happily give you co leader if you dont miss ops and are active. I am the leader.

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    Share a little more about yourself bud. What type of player you are, what type of team you are looking for , what statues you run etc.

    We are always looking to bring new people in, but a metal hitter is not our jam. A little more detail would help folks be able to stear you in the right direction.

    Good luck in your searches.

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    Furry Critters (#9gycj2rj)

    Well established group of 25, with 2 spots open.

    We have all you seek, except for co-lead....
    That requires lots of consistancy.

    Come take a look, great bunch.

    We also have an upcoming feeder force.....

    Hope to see you soon


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    Hi bro. Australian Crew

    Most are 100+. 1 guy over 200. Just bumped up to 25man so need a player like you. Chilled force

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