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Thread: Over 300 points players wanted

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    Serious Fun Derby Players Wanted

    Friendly, English Speaking group who just
    Left our old neighborhood and just started a new one as players werenít finishing their derby tasks but reaping our hard work ! There are four of us now and looking for more players. Come join us ! Farm name is one and done
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    Bump up front

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    We have been in first place since inception !!!!

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    Just added a fifth player and we are on our way to 3rd gold cup out of 3 derbyís. We are all doing 400 points for mystery derby. We would LOVE more players !!! Come join farm : one and done

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    Come join "Nine task Derby Team" similar goals for the derby

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    Another win ! We are up to expert status. Next step , champions !
    Come join and letís win !
    Farm : One and done

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    Come join ! Up now to championship level !
    Farm name : one and done
    English speaking

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    R u looking to win next derby ? Itís a mystery one and we all be doing 400 points - friendly, English speaking
    Farm name : One and Done

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    Another top 3 finish - come check out farm
    one and done

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    Come check us out ! We all work together to finish tasks ! You will be promoted to elder right away so you can trash tasks
    Farm name : one and done

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