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Thread: BHB and XP

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    BHB and XP

    Not sure if this has been asked or discussed but...

    Does destroying the BHB give you experience points? If you truly don't know, your gut reaction will probably be: Of course!! However, 2 BHB attacks ago, when the BH was detroyed, I got the LEVEL UP! notification. Great! I thought. Log out, come back a few minutes later and donate some troops. What do I see? LEVEL UP!

    I thought to myself, hmmm, this doesn't make sense. So I tested. Before doing a BHB attack, I noted my XP bar: 74. Performed a BHB attack and paid close attention when the hall was destroyed, yes the blue little 8 appeared signalling I collected 8 XP. Return to the base and nope! Still at 74.

    Glitch or intended?

    ...or am I just really late to the party?

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    Late to the party. Mine was like a fake LV up. After doing an actual multiplayer match, I lv'ed up proper.

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    Who cares about XP or player level.They are just a number and don't bring anything to the game other than some decorations.

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    Yep. I noticed this too. It's probably a bug...

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    Yeah, I have ran into his a few times. Once I had a boost going and was very close to level whatever and I destroyed the bh. It said level up, but when I went back it said that I was still the previous level.
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