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Thread: I'm New to hay day and I'm looking for an active neighbourhood

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    I'm New to hay day and I'm looking for an active neighbourhood

    I promise to be active and helpful.
    I'm lv17
    My tag :9GU0JPYVJ
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    I will friend you in-game and when you are levelled up enough to join a neighborhood, pm me or request to join. ��

    Peaceful Estates, red cherry, green square
    We have a lengthy, extremely detailed recruitment ad for more information about our vision, playing style, and expectations.

    (Feel free to buy from my shop, but not buy up my entire shop We like to share our shop goods. 3 items is always a safe bet. )

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    brand new neighborhood level 20 plus
    boulderdash is name of neighborhood.
    We are rookie league.
    Right now derby requires 5 task.
    Only rules are be helpful and respectful.
    Always complete 5 tasks or opt out if busy that week.

    New neighborhood so you will come in on ground floor.
    English speaking and anyone can join as long As level 20 or higher.

    I went ahead and lowered to 17 if you want to join.

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