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Thread: Looking for Non Derby Hood - Lvl 94

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    Smile Looking for Non Derby Hood - Lvl 94

    Hi All,
    a little about my game play - I do not play derby, I don't have the time. All I do is play my town and events. My favorite events are the double XP events.

    What I'm looking for in a Hood: I'm looking for people like myself, who are town oriented. Meaning that will all make the effort to release people every 6 hours and constantly serving, collecting and releasing. Looking for English speaking hood who's member are polite and helpful and fun

    Also I'm admin in a Facebook non-trading group who's goals is to help other hay day players. I daily have sale for the group and would need a hood that would respect my sales and sale rules.

    Here is a video of my farm and game play :
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    We are just like you at Don't look back in anger other than some of us play derby when life isn't so busy! We all enjoy town for the rewards and xp's!
    We have a Facebook group for fun and strategy thats you can join if you'd like! It's not required!
    When we do derby we have a minimum of 315+ task for our lower level players which our lowest level at the moment is 64! We're looking for like minded players level 50+
    Good luck and we hope to meet you soon!♡

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