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Thread: Town Hall 9 Three Star Tutorial - Red Witch - Current Meta

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    Town Hall 9 Three Star Tutorial - Red Witch - Current Meta

    3 Wallbreakers
    4 Healers
    3 Minions
    7 Valks
    8 Witches
    CC Bowlers

    Spells (Standard Version)
    1 Heal
    2 Rage
    1 Jump
    1 Poison
    1 Max skeleton spell

    Spells (Version 2)
    1 Heal
    1 Rage
    2 Jump
    1 Poison
    1 Max skeleton spell

    ✔2 jump version works best where the xbows aren't close together. The function of the jumps is the access the xbows
    ✔2 rage version works best where the xbows are adjacent to or can both be accessed without difficulty with the 1 jump spell
    ✔ Max TH 9 troops only
    ✔ Can be used on any base you can Witch Slap
    ✔ To 3 star max bases in war consistently your heroes needs to be at least lvl 18+

    ...Red Witch Raid Objectives...
    ⚀ Determine the best side of the base to attack. Make sure the cc cannot flank your army.
    ⚁ Approach from the side of the base so that you can access both xbows by the time you use your jump spell(s).
    ⚂ If possible, use minions (if they cannot be targeted) to begin cutting the funnel on the corners
    ⚃ Deploy 4 witches then 2 healers to target them on 1 corner, then the other 4 witches and 2 healers on the opposite corner
    ⚄ If you couldn't use the minions before the witches, use them now to help establish the funnel and cut the corners asap
    If the AQ cannot be targeted deploy her in the middle, otherwise drop your valks as soon as the funnel is well established. Make sure
    that when you drop the valks, any structures left up will act as breadcrumbs to lead them into the base at the center.
    8 ��️ Deploy your AQ in the middle.
    9 ⚠️ (2 rage version) deploy your first rage on the first layer of the base extending pass the walls just a bit to help the valks break into
    the base followed by the wallbreakers.
    9 ⚠️ 2 jump version deploy the wallbreakers.
    10 ☣ Deploy the king and CC bowlers
    11 ��Deploy the jump spell to access the core
    12 �� Deploy poison spell as the CC troops converge.
    13 �� Deploy heal spell on valks and kill squad as they move into the core
    14 ⛔(2 rage version) use the 2nd rage to help bowlers and valks take out the core. (Pro- Tip) deploy rage so it covers the 2nd xbow
    and drop the skeleton spell on the xbow so the skeletons are under rage
    14 ⛔(2 jump version) use the skeleton spell on the 2nd xbow to distract as the killsquad powers through the core, then use the last
    jump to access the 2nd xbow

    ❗Don't be hesitant to use your king ability to power through the core. Don't hold it back. too long.
    ❗Use AQ ability to keep her alive until the end
    ......COLLECT YOUR 3 STAR......
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    I generally use witch slap.I'll try this one out too .

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    It's not as strong as the falcon. But it definitely like it better because of the dps from the valks. Also the skelly spell under rage on the xbow, seems to make it that much better

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