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Thread: Looking for a new hood

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    Looking for a new hood

    I'm looking for a hood (obviously) as I somehow keep getting kicked out because I'm either not a good fit or I'm not active. I do have a life so I can't be on 24/7 people. Anyways enough of that nonsense.

    I'm a level 65 player from Colorado. I have a level 11 town, but I'm trying to build it more. I play when my schedule allows like most does.

    What I'm Looking For:

    • Friendly helpful hoods
    • Hoods that do 300 or up (I'm more comforable doing either 320 only or 310)
    • Trade
    • Extra task isn't mandatory, but I will do it if nesessary
    • Chatty Hood (I'll pop in from time to time)
    • Elder upon arrival
    • Either Facebook Messanger or KIK for outside the hood chat

    I think that covers it. Please PM me or comment to see whether I'm a good fit or not
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    Hi, my neighborhood, The Salty Spitoon is looking for members. The neighborhood was just started 2 days ago and were looking to do well in derbies to get up to the highest league.

    My friend and I just left a different neighborhood that was not very good and we're trying to build and a nice and relaxed, derby oriented hood.

    We will require that all 9 tasks are completed at 300+, but are relaxed on this at the moment since we haven't reached champion league yet, again since we are new.

    Our tag is #PPL8V2JU if you're interested! We already have 6 great members.

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    We are recruiting! We are looking for new active neighbours! We are a fun, friendly neighbourhood; that I feel meet your requirements. A bit about us..

    - We are friendly and help as much as possible
    - Minimum 310 on reg derbys, and on special derby's we start out doing 400 then by thurs/fri if we feel necessary for total task completion we lower it to 320
    - Designated Facebook group
    - We are chatty, but our numbers have depleted a bit lately
    - New members are elders upon arrival
    - 9 task mandatory, 10th is optional
    - It is not madatory to be "active", we just ask that you finish the 9 tasks or opt out if you foresee a busy week and think you will not be able to complete - NOW with that being said we all understand that life happens and there will be times when not all 9 will be completed or accidentally fail a task. You will be kicked for this,

    feel free to drop by and see if we are a fit for you!

    We are called 50 Shades of Hay
    Tag: 8RLQR9LL

    Hope to see you soon!

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