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Thread: Maxed player looking for DAILY ops

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    Maxed player looking for DAILY ops

    I struggled with my own TF for some time (only had 8/10 members, still crushed Stronghold pretty much daily)

    What I have to offer;

    Plenty of intels each week
    Fully offensive statues
    Daily hits

    What Im looking for:
    10 man TF
    Daily OPs (donít bother if you donít do this)
    Active players that use the chat

    If I sound like your guy, please reply with your TF code, which OP you guys are hitting and what you are looking for.

    Many thanks //

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    I know you're looking for a 10 man. But JOEYD are a 25 seeking players since we lost 9 recently due to being maxed out and losing interest in the game... apart from the number, everything else you require is us.. we are fun, chatty, active and start ops daily. Would love to have you with us.

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    If you'd like a cottage while you seek a home, you're welcome to join us in the meantime:

    Byte me, eh?! #8PJ2VJP0

    *Daily ops!*

    25 tf with a couple openings, 500 vp entry, currently de.

    More info on your new teammates here:!-8PJ2VJP0
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    ... and Loki defo work for Boom beach...

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    STFB is a 10 man team -- #2PU0YC0G -- Just cut 4 (dead weight) -- we're active and attack 4-5 times per week even after the cuts. Got some chatty dudes and work well together. Just need some more fire power. Got 4 65's, a 55 and a 46. Try us out. <3

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    Hi Baron,

    Please check your inbox. We'd love to have you.

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    Furry Critters (#9gycj2rj)

    Would you consider a Solid Group of 25 ???,

    You sound like a good fit, although may need to adjust to get used to little higher Ops.

    All offensive bunch, great humour and fun.
    Lots of chat....and 100% daily Ops.
    We run from Curtain Call upward.......
    Notes provided, but open to suggestions.
    All have note editing abilities.

    We dont use hoppers, and prefer long time loyal players, family type 18+ environment .

    If your seeking a great place to call home.....
    We hope to see you there...


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    Bro... #9uly8yuy

    We are a ten person tf that runs daily ops. We are 15 days old with 15 ops. We only have four people right now so they have been lower level ops, but with one more we could better. Three of us are in the US and one in the U.K.

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    Join STFB already bro bro. We'd gladly welcome your knowledge and Intel lol. When we had an active 10 we'd go for stronghold, but down to 6 we're attacking mambo everyday lol

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    Name based off of the American air force display team the "thunderbirds". We are an active 10 man task force looking to increase our player count. Daily operations and very helpful and active. If you join make sure to follow the rules and have fun! #9CUUVRY8

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