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Thread: Im back.....

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    Im back.....

    Seasoned vet comes crawling back after getting rid of accounts and taking months off.... has brand new account... level 16
    Needs a home with lower level daily ops
    Thanks forum in advance for allowing me back in😘
    TF: Twisted Smoke #8G2JC82L
    IGN: Smok <ed>
    GBE 42, 17, 17 ,17, 17, 17, 17
    TD 29, 13, 13

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    Warriors are OP steady1968's Avatar
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    Tryhk2 (#9cj8up9c)

    Brand New feeder force....will expand with membership requirements......

    Several alt accounts there with experience.
    Daily ops....

    Come get in on the


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    "the soldiers rc" let me know if you need vp to drop

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    JOEYD would love to have you if you would like to join a chatty active task force. Currently lost some members who were maxed and lost interest in the game..

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    Would love to have you in my task force I am very chatty... task force called Erday Elite

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    Hey ed,

    We have 36 members and a lot of low level accounts currently. Ops daily welcome back

    Join boats and hoes

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    How low of an op?
    is SH in a 25 too high?
    we r:

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    Mac Juice #2GGQY2VJ needs some new blood. We are a 25 person TF that does ops almost daily. Our members vary in size. We regularly do Foxtrot and beat it in 12 attacks or so. We want to do higher ones so we are looking for a few active members to join us. Our task force has been around for well over 3 years. Come join our funny, fun bunch.

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    Hey Ed. We have a ten man tf that runs ops everyday. They are lower level ops because we only have 4 people. We would love to have you. Bring intel. #9uly8yuy
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