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    Post office

    I beleive we need a post office there is often times where we need to contact a specific person in our neighbourhood if a message is left on the chat board there is no guarantee they are going to see it due to timezones

    often a message is lost between the chatting or dissapears before the person can see it it would be helpful to contact new members to ensure they understand how our specific neighbourhood works often we have had new people join and despite welcoming them we get no answer or they ignore the chat, by having a post office we can send a direct message to that person so we know they have recieved the message
    Also alot of us in our neighbourhood have become good friends some of us do not have facebook and there is no way to contact each other privately

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    Very nice idea, I'm in 🙋
    It would be great if we can drop off some gift in the post office too.
    I usualy like to give a welcoming Silo/Barn tool to a new member, or to a friend who reached the highest Derby points (as a extra rewards, so she/ he feels like getting 10 horseshoe).

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    Just so long as we could opt out, please! I have no interest in being contacted by random Hay Day players.

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    Raelet im not talking about random hay day players but just players within our own neighbourhood it would be so much easier to coordinate derbys if we can get in touch witb a player in our neighbourhood so many times we have had a new player join and we welcome them but they dont respond then we dont know if they have seen our chat anx are ignoring us we cant relay our specific rules for our group and then find they opt in derbys buf only do one task or just ask for things and not help others by sending them a direct message through a post office we can find out if they are going to be genuine
    Also will help coordinate our games in the derby the bingo derby letting players know not to take anymore of some tasks or letting someone know whos doing a say mechanic task you have mechanics on your platform
    We can also send a letter if you want to chat to someone privatly without putting a message everyone can see on the chat board or in neighbourhood messages

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    I have one member who love to revive the bushes & trees very much, there were 2 friends taking helping task, I have 20 trees- I put the help sign, she takes all of them, my friends failed to finished the task before Derby end.
    I have write on chats several time if we are not taking the helper task, we can help only one tree. Let the other trees for helper friends on duty, so they can get Derby points. But it seems like she doesn't read the message. She always do it again and again.
    It would be great if leader/ co leader can send a private message. I love this idea

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    Yes it would be especially helpful for the leader to help run the neighborhood more smoothly we already have a postman we need a post office not only to help with the game but we are constantly told not to give out phone numbers or email addresses on the chat board but its almost impossible to find the people who have become your neighbours and very good friends on fb it would be wonderful to be able to send a letter to them privately

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    I like this idea! Would be great to see a way to communicate with a specific NH member. Could help in derby’s a lot.

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    This is an awesome idea! So many players have already ask for away to PM players within their NH. Hopefully one day it’ll happen. And who knows maybe SC has been working on a way for this to happen but haven’t been able to get all the kinks worked out.

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    Any idea how we can get them to see this post

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