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Thread: Idea.."One touch" button to boost all 10 statues at once.

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    Idea.."One touch" button to boost all 10 statues at once.

    Often high level offensive players boost all ten statues for ops. Kind of annoying to cycle to tap 10 times, especially when mines are close by. If there were a way to single tap a 10x boost, would be handy.

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    This is an interesting idea and has been requested in the past. My main thought is yes, this would help with all offensive TF players. Now my question is the following:

    -What if I don't have all offense statues? Do I only boost red and purple? What about RR and PSC?
    -Where would I see the boost all option? Maybe when you hit the boost statue icon in the game, you can see a "Boost all statues", "boost all statues this type", or "boost all statues this color".

    While I myself have no objective opposition to this, I believe for what you get after all the programming the devs would need to answer these questions just are not worth it (that is as long as the devs are working on something bigger than this).
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    I would put the "button" in the sculptor, to avoid accidentally engaging boost all.
    As far as selectivity goes I would suggest keeping it simple. All deployed statues boost, and if someone wants to vary, they still have the one-at-a-time option.

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    Yes, I could see it's use for some players. Outside of the "100% offensive player who boost every statue", or "100% ice who boost all", who would benefit? Let us say I am someone who boost 8 or 9 of the ten. Great, you would now get 1-click as opposed to 10, yet I would still have 9.

    I myself prefer global solutions as opposed to parochial (it fits my particular needs without regards to others). What I see as a better solution, applicable for more players: In the sculptor have a saved boost layout, like saved troop loadouts for the Gunboat. The player gets to define which of their statues are boosted with the one-click use. Like troop loadouts (save currently loaded troops) it could be a simple boost the statues you want, then click Save. From that point on, that boost pattern is available for use.

    Sound better?
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