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Thread: cancel newspaper ads

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    cancel newspaper ads

    Could not you remove an ad from the newspaper? Is that if you put it inadvertently you can not recover the objects

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    Even if you canceled the announcement, some players may have already received it, so it is better to pay attention to the product, price and advertisement that you are going to place.

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    If you are playing and suddenly someone bothers you or confuses you because you do not have an ♥♥♥. In any case they should fix that

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    Most all players, sooner or later, will inadvertently put something in their stand that they immediately decide they should not have. Unfortunately there is no way for you to recover the goods, unless you have a friend or second account that can pick that item up. Still there are no guarantees that someone else will not have purchased the item.

    At least now, the items in the stand are not advertised unless you tick the box to do so.
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