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Thread: Stop Replying To Silly Threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiler View Post
    Having fun? Ech, I can only come up with so many unique ways to reply to the same thread over and over. I find it a lot more exhausting than "fun", and it'd be fabulous if we let them fall off the front page without acknowledgement.

    Though I have to admit I'm also guilty of continuing to answer questions that have already been answered. Hopefully 2222's "new update info" thread can slow down the rate that update threads are written
    The silly threads are the only ones I’m really interested in, therefore I reply to them.
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    I must say, I don't really mind the answering, as many of those people are just genuine new forumites that don't really know how the forum works, and just have a question.

    My problem is with the people that give the same answer over and over again with threads that already have been answered, e.g 4 people saying that an idea has been ruled out, not adding anything to the thread.
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