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    TH11 Is a Mess

    Our clan is stuck in a rut where we are usually matched against teams with more FULL TH11 bases than we have. The end of the last 5-6 wars has come down to who has the most MAX TH11 bases and none of them are tripled.

    It's pretty discouraging to go into war knowing the other side will have more Max TH11s than your side has 1 and your side has the monumental tasking of tripling one of them.

    TH11 War Match Making is a mess.

    ****Edited For Clarity***
    Originally, I also commented that TH11 defenses were difficult, but that isn't my main compliant.

    I'm pretty down on COC at TH11. The Base Defense seems way ahead of offense. I rarely see three star attacks from either side in War. When they do, it's nearly as much a lucky break or those rare cases when all the stages to the attack go perfectly. And to think, this is after they nerfed inferno towers.
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    I find TH11 a lot of fun actually. miners, witches, bowlers. Lots of variety even after those I just mentioned.

    As far as being able to triple max 11s in war, sorry but that SHOULD be a monumental task.

    I don't really war that much any more but when I did, I saw some 3*s. Not many but hey, it's the top dog in the game so yeah, it shouldn't be easy to get 3s.

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    Think about it for a second.... Would you really want your max 11 base that you've spent 3-5 years putting together to be rolled over every war? Thought not.

    3 stars happen at TH11 probably more than I'd like if I'm honest. Bo-Witch, and the newly found 3 row attacks are amongst the favourites.

    I think TH11 is fine as it is.

    As far as war mm is concerned this is much better than it used to be and we are finding much better matches nowadays. No doubt it will continue to be tweaked.
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    We have been warring with at least 15 TH11s for quite some time. I would say that typically 3 or 4 of ours get tripled every war -and same goes for our opponent. Sometimes we triple 1 or 2 of their top 5 and sometimes it's us getting tripled. It has been pretty equal in that realm (I won't go into engineered 11s on this). I've only seen a couple goose eggs in the last several wars th11 v th11...

    I'm sitting around 4870 or so trophies right now. Yesterday, my log was 100% 3 star attacks. Today, I'm 50% 3 stars and the rest are 2 stars.

    What I'm seeing is pretty even keel. I'd say things haven't been this good in a long time.
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    I agree with other posters. I don't see the problem you're describing. Maybe it's time to visit some other clans, watch some new videos or learn from your opponent's attacks. Last war we tripled 5 out of 9 TH11s; the prior 3 out of 7.

    However, your issue doesn't seem to be as much about "TH11" as it does war matchmaking, so I'm going to move this thread to the Clan Wars sub-forum. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    OP if you already know your base is way behind for offense compared to defense then why not wait until you have worked on fixing the imbalance before complaining about the state of TH11. I personally am finding it very well balanced now that my hero are maxed out and the key troops and spells I use are also max. Lots of three stars attacks every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiz View Post
    and the newly found 3 row attacks are amongst the favourites.
    3 row attacks?
    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    If they could implement a family clan feature, allowing movement between2 clans without the leave and get accepted system.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We WOULD like to create some kind of "social network" to provide support systems to Clan families. It's been something on the discussion table before, but hasn't really moved beyond that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOOM2U View Post
    3 row attacks?
    Row of Giants followed by a row of Witches followed by a row of bowlers. Heros behind. Spells as per the norm.

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    OP I agree with you that an imbalance in full th11s is a problem in war matches because they are hard to 3 star. However, they are much easier to 3 star than they used to be. I remember back when the statistics were like 3% for good clan war league attackers my clan would look at the match as soon as it was found and figure out whether one side would win or lose by 1 star since the th11s would all be 2 starred and everything else would be 2 starred. Now, with 3 star statistics more like 20-30% (less for an average clan like mine unless the designs are bad), we still care of course which side has more th11s, but we don't think the war is decided before it starts. Design matters much more now too (I strongly disagree with those who claim the inferno nerf made design not matter, it is the opposite in my opinion). We now look at the designs on battle day and we can see which ones we have a decent chance to 3 star.
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    I think TH11 has been great, lots of great attacks, balance is pretty good and we have been getting great matchups.

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