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Thread: Exploring combat options for Submarine/Gunboat

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    Exploring combat options for Submarine/Gunboat

    Offense can attack from the sea and on land, but defense can only defend on land. But defending offshore does not have to be an impossibilty. Picture Torpedoes being added to the armory. Their purpose is to attack enemy landing craft. They first become available at Armory level 14 and max out at level 13.

    For this to work, Landing crafts need to have health stats added to them. It's health value shall be equal to its troop capacity. Here is how it works. A level one torpedo does two health/troop capacity damage. A level 2 torpedo does 4 damage, and so on. So a level 13 torpedo does 26 damage, effectively sinking any craft. Torpedoes themselves have 77 health per level.

    Example: If a level 14 landing craft (troop capacity 18) with warriors (6 of them) gets hit by a level 4 torpedo (damage 8), Its troop capacity is only 10 when it lands, and only the three surviving warriors exit on the beach. When a craft's capacity takes a hit, all excess troops beyond its capacity are instantly vaporized / drowned / die in the blast regardless of their health. While troops are inside the craft, the only thing that matters is their capacity, troop health is not part of this equation.

    The submarine shall be fitted with a launch tube but only loaded with a single torpedo. While on patrol missions, a submarine will always fire its torpedo at the first landing craft no matter what. However, the submarine will never fire its torpedo at a hero craft. For some reason it cannot see the Hero Craft through its periscope. (Torpedoes are not intended to target Heroes)

    To combat the submarine's torpedo, the gunboat shall be fitted with a depth charge mortar. Slightly expensive, it cost 14 GBE to fire the mortar. When deployed, depth charge has a wide area of effect in the landing Zone and will do damage to any potential torpedo for a 12 second window. Like the torpedo tube, the mortar is loaded with just a single shell and can only be fired once. Depth charge shall first become available at Armory level 15 and max out at level 8. It does 126 damage per level.

    Submarine Torpedo
    Armory Level Health LC Damage
    14 1 77 2
    15 2 154 4
    16 3 231 6
    17 4 308 8
    18 5 385 10
    18 6 462 12
    19 7 539 14
    19 8 616 16
    20 9 693 18
    21 10 770 20
    21 11 847 22
    22 12 924 24
    22 13 1001 26

    Gunboat Depth Charge
    Armory Level Torpedo damage
    15 1 126
    16 2 252
    17 3 378
    18 4 504
    19 5 630
    20 6 756
    21 7 882
    22 8 1008

    Simple enough, if depth charge damage exceeds torpedo health, then the torpedo is destroyed before it can damage a landing craft.

    To keep it fair without re-purposing the submarine altogether, its primary purpose will remain exploratory. The defensive / torpedo twist is that every dive earns a patrol shift. The patrol shift length is always equal to the time of the dive that earned it. But a submarine Patrol mission can only be ordered at the time the dive treasure is collected. Example if your submarine just returned from a 20-hour dive you have the option to order a 20-hour patrol mission. If not redeemed the patrol shift is forfeited and your submarine then can only go on another dive mission. If redeemed, the submarine can be pulled off of its Patrol mission at any time to commence another dive mission. If so, the remainder of the patrol mission is forfeited. At the end of a completed patrol mission, the only submaine option is another dive mission. This way it is absolutely impossible for a submarine to be on defensive Patrol more than 50% of the time, and the attacker truly will never know if a defender has a patrolling submarine or not.

    As an attacker, the only way to be sure your first landing craft lands clean is to fire the depth charge and deploy your first landing craft in the landing Zone within its area of effect inside the 12-second window. Even then if your depth charge is under-leveled compared to any patrolling torpedo your craft can still take a hit. Also be careful what troops you deploy first. It only takes a level 3 torpedo to knock a scorcher out of a maxed landing craft. (And yes, you will have to rebuild it.)

    The beauty of the system is that your submarine must have Dive time first before any Patrol time can be ordered. There are no exceptions for anyone, ever. Of course players still have the option to keep their submarines 100% exploratory. There is no requirement that you ever develop your Torpedoes or send your submarine on a patrol mission.

    If a patrolling submarine is present, a torpedo launch is triggered the instant an attacking player touches his first regular landing craft to a landing Zone. If none or an inferior depth charge is in effect the attacker will see an instant explosion on The Craft and then a smaller number on the back of it with fewer troops exiting or he'll see the craft simply disappear altogether if the torpedo out sizes his craft. For a clean Landing, a superior level depth charge must be in effect at the time the craft is landed and the torpedo will be destroyed before it can cause any damage.

    Lastly, attackers will not know if their depth charge neutralized a torpedo or not. When the first craft lands clean, either the depth charge worked or there was no Torpedo present but the attacker cannot tell. The reason for this is to discourage attackers from using test attacks to determine whether or not they need the extra GBE for a real attack.
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    Ideas have been proposed in the past to extend the battle out to sea, be it by gunboat, or by extending defensive ranges on some towers (e.g. RL range). This though is the first that I ever remember a suggestion to use the sub for that, so kudos on coming up with something new.

    Currently we have a clear line of demarcation, and I think the game needs that. The beachead (point of lading) is the offensive starting point, the base the defensive, and the width of the beachhead itself the "no man zone". That zone, where defenses can strike but not be placed (dependent upon placement and range) which troops can cross is the initiation zone. The importance of that zone is both sides can strike, if within range.

    By extending to sea, I believe there would have to be some clear visual indicator on where these zones would now lie.

    By having the sub available for "patrol mode", could one then simply attack then retreat (if LC hit) only to come pack later in hope the sub is now gone? I also can see potentionally maxed players occasionally "going on patrol" at times, but question if non-maxed would, preferring to keep the sub diving at all tikes.
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    True rowman attackers can still test for a patrolling submarine this way, but they will still lose troops and end up spending more than if they account for a torpedo ahead of time and boost their GBE accordingly. On the other hand if the test attack does not expose a torpedo, gold is still wasted.
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