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Thread: Ragnarok - Active in wars and clan games!

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    Ragnarok - Active in wars and clan games!

    Clan name: Ragnarok
    Clan ID: #JYV9Y9QU
    War frequency: Always
    Clan location: International

    War log:

    Clan details:

    We offer you a great environment to have fun in clan wars and benefit from the great rewards that the clan games have to offer. We have an active base of experienced players who can help you at becoming better at the game.

    Requirements/clan rules:

    - Be mature and patient. You will be joining a clan with a mature environment.
    - Be active.
    - You are a non-rushed townhall 8 or above.
    - You will be participating in clan wars. It is not a problem if you have not done clan wars before, as long as you are willing to take advice and become a better player. In clan wars go for the highest opponent that you can get 3 stars on, no attacking just for loots. Always use both attacks and use clan castle troops.
    - Help us achieve the highest tier in the clan games for great rewards! The clan games are a team effort and everyone has to play their part.
    - Must be able to converse in English.
    - Only donate requested troops.

    What else can you expect?

    - We are a level 13 clan, so we have access to all of the available clan perks.
    - We always get to the maximum available tier in the clan games.
    - Regular high level donation of clan troops. You are allowed to request troops as often as you like. We also have siege machines available for clan wars.
    - Wars with a high win ratio.
    - We use a whatsapp group that you can be invited to join.


    You can earn ranks by being active in the clan.
    Elder: Completion of maximum points in the clan games.
    CO-leader: Trust and a minimum of 3-4 months of loyalty.

    War details:

    Clan war league:
    League: Crystal II.
    Participation: Only after trials in regular wars.
    Clan participation: So far we have only done 15v15, but next CWL we are going to try 30v30.

    Regular wars:
    Wars played: 347
    Wars won: 266
    Wars lost: 81
    Draws: 0
    War win rate: 76.7% (92% in the last 50 wars)
    Longest war win streak: 22
    Average war size: 30vs30

    About to update weekly!

    How to apply:

    Send an in-game invite and mention that you are from the forums.
    We are interested to see how you can bring us to a higher level, hope to see you soon!!
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    We got some great new members to join us already, are you the next one?
    We are getting close to getting the max tier in the current clan games. Join us in game!
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    War details:


    League: Crystal II
    Participation:TH 10 & above after trials.
    Clan participation: Every season 15v15.


    Wars played: 339
    Wars won: 258
    Wars lost: 81
    War win rate: 76.10%
    Longest war win streak: 22
    Average war size: 25v25 & 30v30

    About to update weekly.

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    Updated the main post

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    Few spots left to fill up!

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    We got a few spots to fill up again. Also we will do doing a CWL in our subclan aswell. Will be starting in about 10 hours from now. If you wish to participate join us now!

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    Bumping the thread

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