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Thread: Please help me decide on my base layout

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    Please help me decide on my base layout

    Hi everyone,

    I just upgraded to TH8 and I cannot decide which of the two layouts below to use. While the first one might seem less efficient because of the use of double-walls, defenses are more concentrated and this should allow them to protect each other better, as well as make my base less vulnerable while I am upgrading some defenses.

    The second one is more spread out and make use of walls more efficiently, so it seems like a good option as well. However, I am afraid it will be more vulnerable during defense upgrades (which happens pretty much all the time, even though I try not to do everything as once... some side will still be weak). It's worth noting that both layout have the same number of compartments.

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    Fixed your rushed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajnaik2319 View Post
    Fixed your rushed!!
    Not sure what you mean... Literally everything was maxed by the time I upgraded my town hall to level 8.

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    Use the second one because for air attacks it is a nice base for defending loonians or drag attacks because of its centered air defenses.
    And I think it will work nicely for ground also.
    But anyhow you will get 3 starred if the attacker is skilled.
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    Your base is quite easy for 3 stars. Try the anti 3 stars and feel the difference.

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