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Thread: Town Hall 10 Farming Base

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    Town Hall 10 Farming Base

    My townhall is currently being upgraded to TH10. I need a good farming base (town hall protection does not matter) to keep my storages, especially DE, safe. Upon upgrading, I will likely by all TH10 buildings (war weight means nothing to me) and walls. I have done quite a bit of searching online, but most bases are either too old so they don't contain some buildings or have bad reviews from people who use them... Can someone share a good TH10 farming base that has worked well for them (screenshot, youtube video, or any other format)?

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    Feel free to check out some of the th10s in my clan; we have some decent ones. But no matter what your base is like you will get smashed by someone. #2VJUCY88

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    Sorry I don't know yet because i'm new, hopefully can get it

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    As Bruenor said, if someone wants to farm you they will, especially if you are a new TH10 as you will be getting matched with a lot of max TH10s and TH11s. Welcome to the land of the big boys
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    A lower trophy league will save you most times.

    When I was in th10. I found a trophy range above 2300 to be full of attackers who were quite in had a rule of staying under 2250. (now I'm th11 & my rule is staying above 2700,under 2800). Also this range was full of dead bases in th10 so it was pretty comfortable.

    I used the HYPERCUBE base in th9. Used the same base (th10 version). That base protects the DE ferociously.

    I strongly recommend, editing any base you copy on a personal level,cz most famous farming bases are also most common. A good attacker knows how to Crack the making those minor edits will mess up the attacker most times.

    Also try to do loot management. Time your upgrades such that you don't have all 3 loots (gold, elixir, De) in high amounts at the same time.
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    unless you're running at high trophy levels and large numbers of quality attacks, I've found farming bases are really easy to make. the three rules i use are:

    1. clan Castle should be difficult to pull, keep a ring of lower end defenses on or outside the cc ring. space them such that attackers are drawn around the base rather than through.
    2. de storage surrounded by strong defense, with one square separation between defenses and de storage (prevents de storage from loon splash damage). two layers of walls separate the defense center from the rest of the base and four spaces on all sides should separate the de storage from first inner layer of walls. this ensures that without a jump, queen will have to take out both sets of walls.
    3. one large outer wall with choke points for spring traps. basically a ring base.

    the above is as good for 10 as it is for 9, i would think. one final key is to setup your defense for the primary attack you see. i mostly see Lava loon at 2500, so mine is set to counter that attack. it works fairly well on most other attacks too. further i think as a ring base it looks easy so it draws crappy attackers. I'd say i get hit for full de loss once every ten days or so. 9/10 attacks don't touch the storage.

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