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Thread: stop bots-Human verification to the roadside shop!!

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    Exclamation stop bots-Human verification to the roadside shop!!

    hello today im joined here. i have seen lot of bases using bots last few week.some of them in same neighborhood , names like c..., b... etc, . you can guess them easy . they put their fields near rss, hungry animals , no deco, full cleared around fields, continuous farming, . plant wheat or corn and selling at low money. they have good follower count too(who don't want wheat at 1 coin?).. they getting lot of tools . this is unfair to a regular player. .. so my idea is put simple but clever human verification thing to the road shop.. it may can image or scramble word. any other ideas to stop bots?

    ....and there is some ghosting thing is , when player trade barn some called 'L..........'(but name can be change) a spider/crawler like thing involved it and buying that items.
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    He might be on to something. Some (occasional) simple human verification could stop those shopping bots dead in their tracks.

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