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    Join an empty Clan

    I have this question. If I go out of my clan (but I have it in favorites), Can I return even if it is empty? I donít want to disappear because itís 4 years old and itís my first (and only) clan created. But itís not functional anymore and I want to explore other clans.

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    I don't know in what time frame but it will eventually disappear ...

    Suggestion ... Create a new account ... Have it join the clan ... Make it leader and then you'll be free to go roaming around with your current account.

    If you have no real interest in the new account this can be done in about 5 minutes using the gems you are initially granted with a new account.
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    If you leave your clan as leader and there are no other members in the clan, the clan will be immediately destroyed. Do not empty your clan if you do not want to lose it. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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