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Thread: How are derby tasks determined?

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    How are derby tasks determined?

    Do they go by your neighborhoods level to join, or does the computer look at the levels of the team members.
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    Levels of team members.

    If you're a level 20 player in a hood that also has players at level 100, there's going to be boatloads of tasks you can't do.

    (As confirmed by my level 84 farm that still can't do a couple of specific production tasks, as there's people at much higher levels in the NH)

    If you're a level 20 player in a hood ON YOUR OWN, the game gives you only tasks you can do.

    (As confirmed by my level 23 mini farm that is in a hood on its own)
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    What EllunaHellen say is extremely important , for team leaders !
    If you have a team that have players that are on different levels , there are many tasks that players on quite high level cant do ,
    And I am quite certain many teams and team leaders dont think abut this , So they dont try to help the lower level players to get tasks they can do .
    This can be enough to do the difference between a good or a bad Derbyteam .
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    I was just trying to figure out how to get more variety in tasks. We are lowest level 52 highest 134. Seems like all we get are help, town, boat, truck, and a few crop and basket tasks. Not many production tasks.

    we had a spot open up and I didn't know if we should accept lower levels.

    Our mid level is 78. So what should be our level for new members?

    We actually like lower levels, but don't want to hurt our derby variety.
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    As I was building my NH we brought in level 50+ We have several players over 100. I recently realized our group members are leveling up so I raised our minimum to 60. We are a helpful NH and try to mentor lower level players. I find we are at a place where our group is made up of very self sufficient players that work well at meeting the derby challenge. More importantly we have determined that hood size is important, we try to maintain between 17-20 players as it gives us the variety of tasks we are looking for. When we were above 20 there weren’t enough 320s to play without waiting. Good luck!

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    We don't let lower level people join th NH for exactly that reason, there would be too many tasks they can't do.

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