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Thread: A way to tell if members have quit in Hay Day neighborhood

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    A way to tell if members have quit in Hay Day neighborhood

    It would be nice to be able to tell if you neighbors have just quit playing! Just looking at their farm you can not tell!

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    As far as I know, there is know way to tell for sure. If you are trying to make space in your in-game friend book, you can remove those that you ‘do not remember’ needing help or helping recently. Or you can make note of a few questionable players, and wait a few weeks to see if they level up. If they are playing regularly you should be able to tell.

    Even when GameCenter was working fully the information such as when they last logged in to the game was often incorrect. Now it is just non-existent.
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    Take notes on the farms in question in your Neighborhood.

    What are they selling in their shop?
    Have they collected the money from the sold items?
    What do they have planted in the fields? New crops, growing crops, or no crops.
    Are their pets hungry?
    Are the farm animals hungry, fed, or full?
    Are their machines running?
    Take note of their level number (as mentioned above) and lastly talk with other Neighbors that you can count on. Do they personally know the person or have they been chatting within the group messages on Hay Day.
    I suggest you either make written notes or screen shot their farms. It only takes a couple minutes; peg one farm at a time.
    It may take a few weeks to find out if they are playing or not. And that is fair. Sometimes life gets busy and other times life is super-crazy busy.

    And is worth it to get an active Neighbor who enjoys playing the game.

    PS. It would be nice if there was a way to tell if a player has quit playing the game. Just by looking- something that told us "This player hasn't been to Hay Day for 17 days." Something like that.
    So, I do agree with your title of this thread.
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    Also with the new customizations have they upgraded their house, RSS, or truck. If they are not in your hood check to see if they have been kicked from their hood. A well managed hood leader may have already answered the question of activity level.
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    I take a screenshot and if nothing changes it's bye bye... Except for a few long time frienda that I know take long breaks as do I.

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    I check a few times over a couple of days to see if a boat is there. No boat ever means no one is playing.

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    Yeah, I take screenshots of the farms I think are inactive - looking out for fed pets, planted crops machines running ect, then I will kick after a month or two of nothing happening Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
    Everyone is welcome and we will be more than happy to have you!

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