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Thread: Need a TF for 2 accounts

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    STFB is a 10 man team -- #2PU0YC0G -- Just cut 4 (dead weight) -- we're active and attack 4-5 times per week.

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    Indestructible here from small & mighty we are a laid bck daily op tf looking fir a few more members who like to have fun and joke around.

    QUOTE=Nemesis213;11644482]I have a lvl30/hq13 that gets about 5 intel p/week (turtle/unapposed) and a lvl54/hq21 that gets about 50 intel p/week. I would like to find an active TF that does regular (as close to daily as possible) ops for both accounts. Would like to have them in the same TF.[/QUOTE]

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