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    Majority of player are switching off the in game music so Supercell better give the ability to choose their own music.

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    Music off. I love the sounds of the farm, especially the birdsong and chickens
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    I know I'm two days late; but after reading this, I just HAD TO post:

    I always play with sounds and music.... *drumrolls*... ON! Except when I'm playing in the public (e.g. in the train) and don't want to annoy people.

    Why would you turn it off by default... I really don't get it. It's nice and unintrusive. Listening to some other music while playing Hay Day would be a big No-Go for me; it wouldn't match. Besides, I'd be unable to actively listen to the music and playing at the same time anyway... I can't concentrate on both at once.

    As for the notifications (since they've been mentioned in this thread), I have turned most of them off. Partially because some of them make my phone beep multiple times in a row. E.g. my lobsters are ready... well; it's 4 of them. It beeps. Five seconds later it beeps again. Five seconds later it beeps again. Then again. Once for every single lobster. And there's other stuff that works the same way. Drives me nuts xD. So I very much appreciate the option to selectively turn them off. Even moreso since Hay Day, as well as Clash of Clans, turn notifications back on every time you restart your phone, if you turn them off in the system settings. Only Clash Royale actually keeps them turned off. On a sidenote; notifications are very inconsistent anyway. Often, you won't get notified of things at all. At other times, you get notifications that are flat-out wrong or even absolutely impossible. So yeah; thanks a lot for adding the options to turn off certain notifications ingame in Hay Day!

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