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Thread: Creating clans with gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    So who are you to determine what is fun for someone in a game, going to say it again, it's a GAME.

    If some th5 wants to make a clan and look for people in global to join his clan, tell me in one way how that affects your game experience?

    Because i am pretty sure he is having FUN, because no one is forcing him to make a clan and recruit members, if it happens to fail, he has a learning experience, if it is successful he can have more FUN being a leader. (IN A GAME)
    I'm not determining whether they will have fun or not. Nor did I ever say I was.

    If anyone wants to create a clan, I can't, nor would if I could, stop them. If I see them begging for members, and their clan is tiny, then I will start a conversation. If at any time they ask me to stop, then I oblige them. I'm not going to waste my breath, err typing, on someone that is uninterested.
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    no thanks

    creating a clan is the only way i can send a message to my old leader/friend when i am caught up to my th and ready to rejoin his clan. would hate to waste 500 gems, then get denied
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