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Thread: Bingo prizes

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    Bingo prizes

    Truly, if we get a Bingo, the prize should be extremely worth it! Gold vouchers, diamonds and scrolls....stuff we can't share or sell to others, please!

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    We got regular expansion tools.

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    We didn't get anything worth the gnashing of teeth and trashing trying to get the right task. Totally not worth it.

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    Our NH did not place, but we had a 3 line bingo. In those 3 lines of rewards, 2 columns had 5 diamonds in each, the 3rd had the ‘truck springer’ deco. The other items that were in those columns were also good prizes and in quantities higher than in the regular threshold columns.
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    We had a triple bingo. In every column I had either 5 diamonds or a puzzle piece. But I agree, better prizes would be better (higher quantities or new deco or even special bingo deco).

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    My main farm got one line

    Choice between some expansion materials, and 5 diamonds.

    My mini farm got one line and I... don't actually remember what it was. I think it was vouchers? Vouchers or expansion materials?
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    I would have liked diamonds. It seems pretty random.

    for our 2 bingo lines, I got a choice of 3 Deeds, markers or nails for one column and 4 screws, tape or mallets for the second
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamasmitty63 View Post
    Truly, if we get a Bingo, the prize should be extremely worth it! Gold vouchers, diamonds and scrolls....stuff we can't share or sell to others, please!
    I totally agree! Would also be an incentive to participate for those that dislike the Bingo Derby if we knew the reward is worth the effort.

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    We also got a triple bingo. One of the 3 rows had 5 diamonds, but nothing notable in the other two.
    I would not mind better prizes! but I'm not sure what they should be. New deco seems to find its way into my rewards often enough, diamonds as well, but I find most of the parts to be pointless.

    I find puzzle pieces pointless also. Especially if they're in a row with diamonds as the alternative. I always take the diamonds. Getting one puzzle completed takes weeks anyway, so one piece more or less isn't going to matter. Now if the choice was between 3 diamonds and 5 puzzle pieces, I'd definitely take the pieces! If it was 3 vs 3... I'd have to debate with myself on that one. Depends if I need the diamonds, how close I am to buying more diamonds, how close I am to a level up, etc.

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