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Thread: Opted outs are being opted in

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    I am thinking that in my neighborhood there is a farm that is opting in not of their own accord. I am hopeful that it isn't the case, that there isn't a glitch. But this neighbor doesn't play the derby seriously at all, and I don't want them kicked out if they didn't mean to opt in.

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    It happened to us last week, a longterm opted out player was opted in

    i also heard yesterday of it happening in another NH
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    Happened again in my hood last week...
    check your hoods peeps before the derby start!!

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    Happened to us this week too. I'm now forced to run down the list every Monday evening and check if all opted in seems legitimate.
    Seems like a major issue that could be fixed easily. Must be on purpose.

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    I have the same problem this week. A hoodie that was opted out is now opted in but hasn‘t taken a task yet. Every Monday I ask my hoodies to check if they are opted in/out properly but yet this happens.
    My new strategy: If someone is opted out but wants to play the derby next week, they must leave a message in chat. Otherwise I‘ll opt them out no matter what.

    This really need fixing!

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    This happened to us last week too. One of my members picked it up and pointed it out to me just bf derby started. She questioned it bc this player hasnít been opted in to derby since she graduated med school. She just pops in periodically to play and help so it was a definite red flag. This was the first time it happened to us.
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