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Thread: No quesidilla or 2nd carrot pie derby tasks

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    No quesidilla or 2nd carrot pie derby tasks


    I'm wondering what the probabilities are that there are derby tasks to be done, but some derby tasks don't appear on the 'to do' board?

    This week we have cleared over 200 tasks, and to get 3 lines we needed 1x quesadilla and a 2nd carrot pie tasks, but neither appeared.

    Is this deliberate, a glitch, or do we have to keep refreshing to have those eventually appear?

    Would love feedback on this.

    Jeannie (Chicony)
    of Chic's Folks

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    I think it is deliberate. Speaking of personal experience here, our hood trashed 1948 tasks to get 3 lines bingo.

    20 members hood. We set alarm. We trashed 24/7. Our last carrot pie task appeared Saturday night.

    Farming is hard work for sure!

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    Pretty sure it’s not deliberate. Just keep trashing until you get it.
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