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Thread: Win Streak

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    Win Streak

    What is classed as a good win streak these days?
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    Depends on who your asking. I immagine 2 is quite an achievement for some folks.

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    2 is good, 3 means 2 wasn't a fluke. 4 means SC will give you some hard bases next war so good luck.

    Edited to say these days if we hit 5 were doing well, but were an average clan running balanced bases vs balanced bases.
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    Agree above.
    Or if you won 70%~80% wars in recent 2 months, you are running a good lineup or you have some pretty skill players.

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    We hit five before losing last war. But I don't blame the matchmaker. They executed their attacks well, particularly in the anchor slots. We didn't. More specifically I didn't.

    They three starred our number 1. I pulled a 49% 1 Star on their #1. Then a 78% 1 star on #2. Too big a deficit to overcome.

    But Tuesday is another war.
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    We have something like 411 wins and 40 losses, our highest win streak was 72 but have made it as high as 16 since the new matchmaking. We are on an 8 win streak currently with a 90% win rate overall.

    Our last war was great, we perfected them in the first 3 hours of war, just crushed them.

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    I agree most of us chase win streaks, but don't think win streak, or recent war performance, is a good indicator of how good anyone is, as it is relative to how you war.
    We have won 20 of our last 22 wars. We don't do traditional engineering, but our roster certainly seems to be helping, mainly due to the standard of opposition we tend to draw. We are by no means good players, I would say average at best. But we do know how to fight at the weights we use. It equates to 90.1% win rate over those 22 wars. If we were to war at th11, I would expect that score to be in single figures.
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    It’s very much relative to the type of clan wars you are doing, both in terms of war size and th level. Degree of difficulty rises at the higher th levels, meaning less people are able 3 star and do so less of the time. Smaller wars are more “luck prone” in outcome, in terms of things like life happening to a clan member who then can’t make their attacks, or just an off day, leaving your mates needing to cover you and less chances in total to improve the war result. Combine the two factors and small war th 11 only clans understandably have fairly short win streaks, whereas clans running bigger wars with most participants at th8/9 can get quite long streaks far more easily.
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    Depends of your roster th9 and below wars are easy to collect 15+ streaks but if you run th11-10 wars then 10 wins in a row are reañly great.

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    Very roster dependent I'd agree.
    I'd suggest any clan in the modern game with a 10 win streak deserves huge credit.

    My own clan are on a lost 3, won 4, lost 3, won 3 recent record...
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