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Thread: Very ❣️ACTIVE ❣️players looking other players!

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    Very ❣️ACTIVE ❣️players looking other players!

    Hi! 🤗
    Come to our CZECH FARM (Tag # P9QCV8CG). We are a fun group of fans derby (9 x 320/400 + tasks) and all around great peeps! We help each other continuously with the sale of shops and also with the improvements of the silo and the barn. Our unofficial password is: small country, big players!

    The required level is 45, but if you are interested in a lower level, send me a message and I will lower it so that you can join!

    We look forward to you!

    ❣️❣️Liberty Bell❣️❣️

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    Hi you posted in the wrong section

    Yvonne Leader of Zissou :0)
    Tag: #2LCV92UO
    115 gold

    Are you the addict we are looking for?

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