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    Quote Originally Posted by HoranHoms View Post
    I did not design any third-party software error that happened before you and you are responsible and not the players and if the situation continues as it is,
    It is not me who did the mistakes of the hackers and not the players until their farms are closed. If you do not know anything, do not interfere and speak unscrupulously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoranHoms View Post
    Workers in Hay Day Hi
    All that happened two days ago was your fault, not our fault. Why is this stupid behavior of you? There is a hacker who broke through your system and we benefited from them. You should not ban our farms. You are not worthy of protecting your system. Do not blame us.
    After playing for five years I am now banned for 14 days by the dictator of Hay Day because of the mistreatment of stupid programmers.


    You already admitted the two bolded items above, which are in violation of the TOS.
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    Interesting that the analogy of money falling out of the sky came up. There is an article in yesterday’s New York Times about a Brink’s armored trunk that had a big “oops” on a highway. $600,000 fell out when the rear doors accidentally opened. Cars stopped and began snatching up cash. People from neighborhoods around flocked to the scene and snatched up cash before the police could arrive. How much of that money will be recovered? Turned in? Anyone caught with some of it will be prosecuted.

    It may have been floating around “free” on the road, but it belongs to the companies that deposited it with Brink’s. Either they, or Brink’s will certainly lose $$, and it will cost a lot to recover as much as possible. Luckily nobody was injured scrambling around on the highway or jumping fences.

    We are dealing with pixels. I bought 20 diamond rings from a store with hundreds to sell. I didn’t notice the level, but after my automatic “Wow! Buy some!” reaction, I didn’t buy any more. I haven’t been banned.

    It’s obvious that our own version of “money on the highway” is hurting people and costing time, money and Derby trophies. The exploiters (the ones who were deliberately selling things they hadn’t legally produced) have hurt the game. However, anyone who has been farming for any length of time knows to be wary of DD offers that look too good to be true. I certainly quit buying diamond rings after that initial reflex purchase.

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    I think we have reached the end of this discussion. I'll close this thread with this closure:

    If you find an exploit and don't report it, but instead use it for your personal benefit, you are not only breaching our ToS, but you are not playing fair & square. It's the worst thing towards all and any players playing your favorite game.

    I'll close this thread now as it won't bring any constructive input into the discussion. If you are banned, you ought to know by now why. No need to blame anyone else than the ones using the exploit.


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