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    Active clan needs to remove inactive leader

    A few years ago, my family and group of player friends were recruited into an active war clan. It was a small clan of 10-12 adults, all co-leaders to one leader. Over time, we thrived and the clan is now at a level 10. Myself and several other of our group were also promoted to co-leader.

    Over the past two years though, the leader became inactive. Some of the co-leaders left and others just stopped playing. We don't know them personally and can't contact them ourselves.

    Now we have 9 or 10 completely inactive accounts, all co-leaders and a leader. Supercell says they won't transfer leadership as long as there are active co-leaders still present. But an active co-leader like myself still can't remove an inactive co-leader.

    We're a level 10 clan and don't want to start over, but it makes it difficult to recruit good active adult players when such a large chunk of our clan is inactive.

    Has anybody had this issue? We keep submitting requests to Supercell, but they've stopped responding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juliette1 View Post
    We keep submitting requests to Supercell, but they've stopped responding.
    Why do you keep sending it to Supercell when they already gave you their answer? If you keep sending in the same request over-and-over despite already being given the answer, I'll be surprised if they don't just remove your ability to contact them in-game. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    In my opinion, leadership should never be transferred just because that leader is inactive.

    Maybe make a clan with all the active players and go back to the level 10 clan once the leader is active again?

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    I agree that the leader should ALWAYS be and remain the leader unless he/she gives it up. It is their clan, they paid the coins to make it. They can stop playing if they choose, leave others in Co to run wars and return when they choose to Their Clan.
    No one else has any claim. If you want leader, time to make your own clan and take the active players with you.

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    Had that exact same problem in my clan. Contacted supercell who were quick to respond. They said that there was nothing they could do they will not get involved in clan politics. Their suggestion was moving everyone and starting a new clan. Wasn't gonna waste 5 years of work starting a new clan from scratch. Luckily our leader hopped on after facebooking him and promoted me to leader.

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    You should make a new clan and bring all the old members there and choose a new leader of the new clan.

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    IF you use an out of game communication app. Have all remaining Co leaders ping them 5 or 6 times a day. Eventually they will respond just to stop the notifications from flooding their phone. IF not, send continuous friend requests, for the same reason.

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    supercell cant transfer leadership to u.. what if he start playing?? so it is impossible

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    We had the same issue, but our leader has passed away. He started the clan over three years ago, but sadly passed last fall. Supercell would not helps us either.

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