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Thread: what is reputation

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    what is reputation

    Can anyone tell me about reputation. ad how to increase the reputation level. give me a clear explanation abut that

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    If you have a look at the Hay day wiki, which EllunaHelen kindly provided the link for in another of your posts, you will be able to find lots of information, including this.

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    Just this morning you were level 17, right? Was that you?

    If I'm right, you have nothing to do with it just yet. The reputation level is your Town level. Town unlocks at level 34.
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    You will get reputation points if your NH friend pick some sent away visitor.
    After the visitor finish served (ready) in building, they will give coins & reputation.

    When you are upgrading a building in town, you can choose to add visitor slot/ get more coins/ increase reputation/ fasten the serving time

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    The little red hearts on your friend's avatar is their town reputation level. More advanced town buildings and upgrades are locked behind a certain reputation level.

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