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Thread: Pancake & Partner's group Signature shop!

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    Can you make me one with background same but the picture of Barbarian king on it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drkhossain View Post
    Can you make me one with background same but the picture of Barbarian king on it..
    Yeah, sure give us a little bit and we'll add you a barbarian king.

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    *takes computer, spams reply button with face while EnderHunter8 bangs head against desk, oblivious to the fact that I have his computer and am breaking it with my face to gain posts*

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    Hey nice shop! I recently just had time to update the list the shops in the sticky, I will be adding yours now Goodluck with the shop!

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    loved the name ,,,,

    Signature made by me !
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    you did a quiet good gfx art as i saw in this thread please one for me

    I want a signature that says CLOUD STRIFE !!
    "Leader of ELITE REBORNTM " under the name on the signature
    the character is cloud strife from final fantasy for theam but if u got another ideas for sign u can do it i just want something cool
    do what u want to do man just show ur skills and good luck for new shop
    u can make a avatar to if u have time just similar to my sign

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