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    HQ15 Base Layout plz

    So this is the first time Iíve seen Hammermans Fleet and my Base doesnít hold up so does anyone have one that does plz? Thanks in advance
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    Simple google search brought up this old thread:

    As discussed, I relied on a strong beach-head to push back his stage one troops when I was a lower level HQ. Once you start getting to stage 2, 3, ... I highly recommend you take a look at what troops are going to be deployed. Anything with medic or grenadiers, you're likely going to get steamrolled (save the gold).

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    If you have the Weapon Lab built then you can build a lvl 1 Damage Amplifier if you have the proto-parts. The DA is always effective on Hammerman, especially against Riflemen and Zookas, if you adjust your layout to boost as many defences as possible, being sure to include your Rocket Launcher. If you are being attacked by Heavies and Armour then less so.
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