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Thread: Best Troop for mega crab

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    Best Troop for mega crab

    I'm using heavy and zookas for most of the mega crab stages.. but when I deal with shock launcher / rocket launcher my zookas die instantly without dealing damage to other defensive buildings.. so I was wondering what is the best troop for most of the mega crab stages?

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    I used 3 rifles, 1 cryo, 2 zooks, 2 medics, with Kavan Second Wind. Others in my tf used this combo with knuckles, and other heroes and at least broke 45.

    Strategizing with deployment of critters, shocks, and troop respawning, this was a very powerful mix, with the speed bonus added, and a lot of fun to use.

    With full boost and SW, I'd often ace bases I thought were so well defended that my attack would just be a prep for the next.

    I got to level 53.
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    ... and Loki defo work for Boom beach...

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    I seen a guy at stage 95 use grenadier 4 boats 3 boats tanks 1 medic with bullit energy drink. I also seen alot of people dominate with rzcm. Last crab i think skank was the more powerful combo due to the gbe bonus. And this crab rzcm due to rifle damage and medic healing. So the most powerful troop combo will always depend on tribe cycles and the stage.

    For example there are stages dominated by splash and others by one shots. Others with free snipes behind core. Your not gonna use same combo on every stage ideally. Easier if u have endless reserves though

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