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Thread: th9 trophy pushing to champion league

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    Excellent suggestions

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    I 've found some strategies that work for me the best.GiWiVa and GoWiPe.

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    I am now in champ 2.My player tag #92R8GPPQ8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rak2180 View Post
    Try HGHB.Its a nice strategy,which don't use too much dark.
    I have pushed to titans using this strategy twice as a th9.I also works great in wars for me.
    Here the comp I used.
    (Bowler in CC)
    Baby drag:2
    Spell:1rage,3heal or 1rage,1jump,2heal and poison also 1 poison in CC

    I use HGHB also but in this comp. Sitting just outside of titan can easily get a star on Th10's and sometimes two rarely fail on a 3 star with TH9's

    12 giants
    12 hogs
    4 healers
    1 baby d
    1 minion
    6 wizards
    2 rage, 2 heal, 2 poison (one for cc one for traps)
    Bowlers in CC

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