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Thread: Requests, trading and shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by KattC View Post
    That is all fine and dandy unless you play with other people who are basically a random strangers and expect them to adjust to your playstyle or even change theirs to match yours. Like my ex leader kinda expecting me to fall in with her doing the same thing, or those who try to belittle players who buy more than 2 boxes out of the shop. You have the freedom to play how you want but not to direct others how to play.

    Not everyone is happy to work for someone else all the time no matter if that someone is just blatantly taking advantage. And as a leader you set the dynamics for your group others feel compelled to follow. Those who do not share your need to give everything away start feeling stressed and frustrated.
    Again, you are free to play how you want, but not to affect and stress out others with your freedom.

    Btw, none is judging those who need help, personally I am judging those who leech and demand to be helped with something they are just too lazy to do on their own, and never even say thank you in return. I think people like you are just endorsing and pampering bad behavior what is not in a favor of anyone.
    And I think you have made a very good decision for yourself to play solo. 😊
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninagrozdanovic View Post
    I agree. I used to be a leader that helped with whatever I could, without measuring how much I got in return. Or judging those that needed help. It's a game that we all are free to play the way we want.
    Itís nice that we get the freedom to chose who we play with (or not play with), how we play, and whether we want to lead or be lead. 😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninagrozdanovic View Post
    And I think you have made a very good decision for yourself to play solo. 
    If the only other option is to play with spoiled people who think they are entitled to plunder everything they want from my game, or those who endorse them, indeed I am not going to play but solo.
    Amazingly though, there are other players who demand some respect and gratitude as well and even some with enough manners to give said respect and gratitude when needed. Being a doormat =/= being social.
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    I am going to play a bit longer in this NH. I have worked hard to route out some lazy derby players who are members and do not work towards the goal. Since i suggested that if they didnt complete a task i would opt them out most of the deerby members are now playing activively. However the requests are still quite demanding. I presume they are doing boat orders. I stopped doing every boat order and only do the orders that are easy to complete. I prefer the town and can easily complete most orders myself. My only requests are when you get a silly mumber of the same item at the same time.
    i used to try and serve every townie but now i reject quite a few. So i prefer to keep my request to only when i really need them to complete my derby tasks

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    It could be that some of them don’t know that they can send away their boat empty and that they don’t have to do every boat either especially if it’s not a derby boat. Heck even when I’m doing a derby boat task, if I don’t like it, I send it away. Also, your leader might be working on their achievement for donating to bird house requests and thus doesn’t mind what the current situation is. Sometimes pointing out your teammates behavior to them is a real eye opener to them and thus they become more aware of what they’ve been doing and in doing so they themselves will try to do better in the future. Have you tried to reach out to your leader one on one and express your thoughts and feelings on the subject? Does your leader say anything to you if you try to say anything to your NH about matters such as these? Try making the subject into a positive by telling the whole NH something along the lines of “Hey teammates, let’s all try to help each other reach our achievement goals by donating xyz and lets see who can reach theirs 1st” make it a game. Tell them whom ever gets their achievement 1st will win a prize. Remind them that crops yields 10 when requesting and that the least number is 3 when requesting so try to request crops and if something is needed for a task then to ask for it in chat. And if all else fails, then look for a new hood where you’ll be much happier. Hope some of this helps and good luck to you

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    Good points. My leader says nothing. We went up a league and dropped straight back down the week after. I post every couple of days to say things like, lets try and get this derby going. Some dont even even start a task until saturday. I have opted out a few of the neighbourhood and they havent asked or tried to rejoin. So hoping that the few left do make an effort. I am on holiday next week so didnt want to switch before. So will opt myself out on monday and just see how it goes when i come back. noone asks for stuff in chat only in the requests. I would happily sell stuff to my neighbours but i am not giving stuff away for xp.

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    Hey hey! You should join this discord:

    I created it last night in the hopes of getting farmers/neighbourhoods to collaborate and work together in the derby/events/trading etc!

    Everyone is welcome - so the more the merrier. Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
    Everyone is welcome and we will be more than happy to have you!

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