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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniGardener View Post
    Tried tinypic with no success when it was first suggested here. Maybe itís because Iím generally working from my iPad rather than my laptop.

    I use it in on my iPad and itís fine but you have to go to it through your browser as the App didnít work for me.

    select the photo from your files and chose Ďuploadí. It gives you a short advert that includes your security code then you see this screen....


    You need to copy the IMG link and then paste it in your post. It shows as text but as soon as you post your comment it changes to an image.
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    :-) here we go....

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    Quote Originally Posted by YvonneZissou View Post
    Hmzzz maybe her over the shoulder bolder holder size?
    ( ◕ฺ‿◕ฺ✿ฺ)♡Nick stops Maggie who's holding a pig.Nick:Where did you get her?The pig: I won her at the fair
    LOL Yvonne
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnPan View Post
    ĎShow Us Your Farmí.....

    Nope, not showing it to you for free, I paid a lot of coins for this baby so itís 500,000 coins, or 150 green vouchers a peep.
    Quote Originally Posted by YvonneZissou View Post
    Hmzzz maybe her over the shoulder bolder holder size?
    ( ◕ฺ‿◕ฺ✿ฺ)♡Nick stops Maggie who's holding a pig.Nick:Where did you get her?The pig: I won her at the fair
    Lol Yvonne and Ann - love your posts

    I love all the designs I am seeing in these pics and when visiting farms.

    I shall share my pic because I got most of it free lol. Yes my rss and truck arenít that fancy but they were free lol

    Roof I spent $500,000 coins on, deck was free and house colours cost A LOT of blue and purple tickets (which r now depleted lol) but I couldnít resist it was so pretty. But I will definitely keep this for a long long time as canít afford to change each week.

    I hope to afford some rss and truck upgrades in the future.

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    Maggie came today and truck event sure helped to purchase these truck and RSS upgrades and the prices for floor was 75K and truck bed 200K. There was no diamond offer this time (maybe hay day did some tweaks as prices r lower) So pretty!!

    I guess Iím done now as I donít want to lose these designs. So hopefully hayday will let us keep in next update. 😬
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    [QUOTE='Nick[Supercell];11621319']We always ask for feedback when we have had an update, and obviously this time around the main thing is the customization feature. We still welcome all/any feedback about anything we added to the update.

    There is so many people who gave some ideas regarding Maggie and it's customization i also did same in here forum and in fb . But no one said anything regarding decos perfectly .
    Yes Nick the decos r awesome , but I got only 1 deco in derby threshold . Looking forward to get more decos in upcoming derby's or other places .

    Now regarding update i can tell few new things . I think it should be added in next update .
    1. A brand new event where we get an totally new pet (like u gave some deco items in each special global events as an reward -- like this can u give us husky or pitbull , or Rottweiler pet as an reward) think about it nick , it's a new idea . 😊😊
    2. I will be curious to see some new fruit trees in next update ( blueberry , pomegrante , papaya , guava , mango etc ..-- atleast some of these fruit trees are accessed by below level 60 players atleast , please look after this )
    3. Some new vegetables cauliflower , broccoli , sweet potato .
    4. Some new deco items which we can bought by only spend coins .
    5. Some new pets ( not as reward , as normally like we have puppies , kittens , dogs , cats , horses etc ) would be nice .
    6 . Some new food items for below level 60 players .
    7. Give us a tool shed where we can store our land expansion tools as this tools took too many places in barns .
    8. Last but not the least could u please lower down the coins , vouchers in customization .

    Though it's a long list i give . But i think atleast some these are not so heavy . So Nick pls look forward to these ideas in next update .

    Cheers .Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowslips View Post
    ...and my second farm, with its gorgeous roof:

    Cowslips, thank you for sharing the above design. It seems we share the same taste in exterior design.

    I will wait for it and change to it if it doesn't cost more than 50 diamonds. That's my ceiling for Maggie's labor cost.
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