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Thread: Clan Searches with Many Results - Pagination not working

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    Clan Searches with Many Results - Pagination not working

    I wanted to do some analysis on how our clan stood against other clans in large pools, for example all US clans, or all clans that were war clans (set war frequency to always), and a few other cuts. I realize this data will be massive, and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be doable, but I'm trying to improve my skills so decided to take a shot at it. It appears the documentation says that if the results are too large (I'm maxing out at 832) that we'd be able to do another request based on the cursor. But the end of my request (after the 832 clans) looks like this:


    Is this functionality just not yet implemented, or do they not want us mining vast amounts of data?


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    Pretty interesting...I tested and got the same results. Number of requests doesn't make a difference, limit doesn't make a difference, just seems to only return 832 results no matter what.

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