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Thread: Feature Request for API

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    Feature Request for API

    The Player API provides information about heroes, troops and spells. I'd like to request information about a all buildings as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by javanmard View Post
    The Player API provides information about heroes, troops and spells. I'd like to request information about a all buildings as well.
    +1 this would be helpful to me as well. I'm trying to keep track of how people in our clan do in war and although I can see the th level and the offense of who each person hit, I cannot see the defense, and we face a decent number of clans with offense-only bases so they may have for example max th10 troops but they haven't even built a single air defense.

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    +1 Cuz of normal clan management reasons
    -1 Cuz we would be able to know enemy trap levels in clan wars and revenges (Anyway.. knowing levels won't do much bad, so can be -0.5)

    Maybe, know everything except traps

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    +1 Would be nice to have this feature.

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    +1 I'd imagine a simple grid layout and coordinates for each building would be simple to implement, and do wonders for automation.

    @zachvac pointed out that being able to see war bases would also be helpful, assuming war logs are private of course.

    It's a simple matter to just hide traps and teslas from the API. We already know the game specifically hides them already (otherwise client-side cheats would be able to get the locations of them, and they no longer can).

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    I don't need information about buildings positions, but information about their level and count... - it will be excelent. But only about visible buildings. As we understand - information about troops, bombs e.t.c. must be hidden.

    Unfortunetly API providing public access. It will be nice if U make a API Keys linked with users or clans (with creating from game interface). In this case we can make clansite with private information. Now we must set public war to save war log - this is a big minus.
    And I must authorise users using 3rd-party libraries (with manual check person). I use telegram for these purposes (becouse it most anonimous).

    Too bad, that API information doesn't evolved.
    For example, it is hard to catch ClanGames progress - it is only one parameter, that describe a total points for user and I must calculate it differense for a week. But the games some time are irregular.
    Analayse a man activities based on level of farming is hard too. Because, a max sum of gold is limited. I still believe that nobody riches a max of black elixir)))

    I hope that somebody is planning to develop this direction.

    U can see public part of our site here

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