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    Haha! I thought I was dreaming because the event started at 4AM for this morning. I believe it took only 2 visitors to get me to the Global. I KNEW it couldn't be a dream because I was announcing to my hoodies that there were TEN diamonds if we reach the global goal. I couldn't believe my eyes after I slept for a few hours and my board had reset to zero earned. I am not complaining. Serving visitors are easy, but I am holding on to my served visitors until I have finished my derby tasks tomorrow. I just thought I had gone crazy. LOL

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    Had the type of Derby been announced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by devirris View Post
    Had the type of Derby been announced?
    Tap on your Derby stand and you can see straight away if it’s the regular one or a special one by the picture of the horse, but to check details tap on number 7, it shows you there what the next Derby is. This week it’s ‘Regular’.
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