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Thread: Best base layout for full offense and no defense bases?

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    Best base layout for full offense and no defense bases?

    Just created a new account thanks to Supercell IDs and I am going full offense and not building any defenses or not upgrading the current sniper tower that is required to build at the beginning. Is there a good base layout for me or is does it really matter?

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    Nope, nothing matters. Since you’re going this route...I would also suggest not building any residential buildings either for as long as possible. The caveat to all of this is that in order to gain enough XP to qualify for higher HQ levels you will HAVE to build and upgrade some defenses. They made this change about 18 months ago.

    But its still fun way to progress for awhile and must make some players question what the heck are you doing?
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    From my experience, the quickest way to clock up experience point for Head Quarter upgrade is to upgrade defences. I always try to upgrade offence first, but when I don’t have enough resources for that , I upgrade defences that have the shortest build time. I always try to keep my one builder busy at all possible time.
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    Don't build mine or quarry either.
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