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Thread: Tip or strategies for visitor event?

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    Tip or strategies for visitor event?

    I read on the other thread that you can make a ton of money on this event.... Do you have any suggestions for those of us with small barns and silos(425 each) on what to stock up on or make/grow? I'd love to make enough to repair the net maker or get a third smelter.... And I'm also going to need to save up for the jewelry maker... Agh! So much coin needed! LoL!
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    There's some good tips in this thread:

    oh, maybe that's the one you already read! Still pretty useful. I try to keep lots of what sells poorly in the DD, wooly hats etc, and what's quick to make. Others have better strategies, am not too analytical about it

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    It helps to understand what the visitor asks for which are:

    • The items you have the most and second most of in your barn
    • The crops you have the most and second most of in your silo
    • A random item you have zero of in your barn/silo

    Basically, any thing you sell to the visitors during this event will give you more than what you can get for it in your RSS. If you want to make lots of coins and have limited barn space, I suggest you pick 2 items you want to concentratr on. Personally, I chose B&E and eggs. I sold of as much as I could in my RSS to make space and started buying all B&E and eggs (concentrating on B&E, only buy enough egfs to make sure it's the second most item I have) I could find in the newpaper. Assuming I buy at full price, my profit for each B&E sold to the visitors are 40 coins and 4 coins per egg. Since the visitors buy in bulk, I make at least 2000 coins each time I sell to them.
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    It could be a challenge for you given your barn space but you should be able to make enough to take care of your new machines.

    The customers ask for either the things you have the most of in your barn and silo or the things you have none of. So the stuff you want to have the most of is the stuff you want to sell them, and you also want to have at least one of everything at all times so they don't waste turns asking for stuff you don't have.

    For your barn, pile up on common, somewhat-high priced stuff you can buy a lot of in a hurry -- bacon and eggs, blackberry muffins, blue sweater, and red berry cake are the ones I've focused on in the past. For your silo, focus on tree and bush crops as they have a higher rate of return than the ground crops.

    The goal is to have big stacks of that stuff to sell them every time they come to your farm. Sell them as much as possible as many times as possible.

    For barn goods, they will give you around 50% extra. So let's say you have a stack of 100 bacon and eggs. They might buy 50 of them. Normally 50 bacon and eggs is worth about 10000 coins, but they will give you 15000. So there's a 5000 coin profit right there. Do that ten times, there's 50000. You can see how it starts to pile up. For silo, it's very low for ground crops and I think well over 50 percent for tree/bush crops, so buy those all up when you see them.

    At first, your coins will go down, but don't worry about it. Keep at it and soon you'll see your money rise. I kept at least four stacks going in order to make sure I had something for them every time, but you may have to limit yourself to two given your barn size.

    At the end, consider selling it all back right before the event is over so you can get rid of it easier.
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    Thanks for the tips!!! Now how often do these visitors show up???
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    Still working that one out myself - maybe every 10 min? Haven't watched closely enough yet.

    Found another good resource. It was originally posted in a thread a month or so ago about spreadsheets. Shoot, I want to give credit to the person who created it but I've forgotten and only bookmarked the spreadsheet. I'm sure that person'll pipe up. Anyone, the spreadsheet compiles all items with their production times, max revenue from RSS (your shop), among other things. U can compare the max revenue per item with what the little people ask for to determine if you're getting a good price. That'll also help determine which items to make. Enjoy!

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    Diamond rings

    I have A ton of Diamond rings....I buy them whenever I see them I can't help myself lol. Do the visitors ask for them?
    I have a small barn 475 so I'm trying to concentrate on red berry cakes and b&e like the lovely forum friends players have suggested, so I'm wondering if I should get rid of the rings to make room for more b&e . Thanks in advance for the help you guys are awesome your help has gotten me so much more involved and further into the game.
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    how do you calculate your profit?

    for example red scarf is 288 on rrs how much will i make if i sell it to visitors?
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    This is hysterical, I am going to share with you how daft I am... I always thought this event was for "visitors" as in other players..... I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting double coins when I would sell in my RSS! Now maybe I can finally let the little people I have been holding hostage for months go and make some serious coin!

    i crack my self up.... Rofl
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    Ooh, another forum newbie saying thanks. I'd only ever sold them wheat and corn, because the saws and axes they ask for we're for ridiculously low prices. But I sold half of them at the higher event price, then stocked up on eggs and b&e, and it's working wonderfully. Thanks again!
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