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Thread: Base won't load starts me at th1 ?

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    Base won't load starts me at th1 ?

    I have a mini account I have had about 2+ years ( th 9 ) ..
    I was playing daily then stopped for about 2 weeks went bought new device ( traded in old one ) went to log it in and it is taking me to th 1 has my Google name come up and everything but won't load my th 9

    I went to gmail
    Logged in to check mail
    With user name n pw

    But still my village won't load

    Not sure of last date I played or last thing I upgraded
    But I do know login n pw

    Ideas / thoughts

    I ty in advance

    Also I have tried on 3 different devices same issue
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    Have you done the factory reset of that onld device before giving it away?Are you sure that you have logged of google from your old device?
    Have you connected your mini to SC ID?

    You should contact player support and explain them the situation as clearly as you can.To know how to contact them click here.

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